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Subject: Fathers & Sons - Young Restless - Victor & Nickpart 2Fathers & Sons - Young Restless - Victor & NickThis is a made up story using characters from YR. YR and its characters are
Owned by CBS. This story does not mean that the actors or characters are gay
or by. and even though it does reflect story lines on the show, this never did
happened so pretty much, its fake. you are also supposed to be 18 to read this
Story since it is about sex.This story has content that everyone may not like. This is a story about
Father/son sex. It has a bit of bondage/controll. and a hint of forced sex.~~~Nick Newman was smart, sexy, rich guy in his late 20's. He was running his
Family company, Newman, until his father took him off. Nick felt it was unfair
and that he deserved the top spot, fact was he turned his father into the police
so he could run the company and he knew his father, Victor, didn't take well to
betrayal. So he wasn't to shocked.Victor Newman was walking out his back door going to his sons house. He wanted
To work things out between him and his son. Things didn't go well.Nick: you want me to help you run a shelter for kids?
Victor: yes, we will work together.
Nick: screw that. i deserved that top spot and you took it from me
Victor: screw me? You deserved it? are on drugs son!
Nick: don't talk to shocking little nudist lolitas me like that, not in my house
Victor: I think its time i showed you who's bossVictor then took his son by his arm and tossed him into the bedroom. Victor
then ripped nick towel off, ls mag lolitas bbs still holding his arm. He sat on the edge of the bed
And pulled his sons bare body over his knee. He held both of Nicks arms as he
Started to spank his son. Nick was screaming and crying. He hadn't been spanked
since he was 17. Nick was thrashing around and his Dick was laying between his
body and his dad leg. Soon it started to get hard. Victor didn't let this go
unknown as he made fun of nick for it.Then what Victor did suprised even himself. He took his hand and grabbed his sons
Cock and balls and pulled on them. Then he took his finger and stuck it right up
Nicks virgin ass. Nick screamed as loud as he could. He couldn't believe what was
going on between him and his father.Victor then stood nick up and told him to go stand in the corder of the room,
like he use to do when he was a teen. Nick was scared so he did it. Victor told
him to look strate forward and never look back. Nick planned on following
orders. Soon Victor dropped his jogging shorts and his white briefs. He used
his pre-cum to jerk his big horse cock off. Feeling his sons hard Dick and
seeing his tight ass turned him on so much.Nicks ass was starting to hurt. He wanted to rub it but he knew not to move. Vic
saw this and knew nick wouldn't be able to resist for long so he pulled his
briefs on and kick his shorts aside. He took his shirt off and walked behind his
son. Victor then turned Nick preteen lolitas top links around and hugged him. He told him he loved him and
then took his finger and stuck it up nicks ass again. Nick started to freak out
But Victor held him tight. He told Nick that he was gonna fuck his ass hard.Nick: no - dad please, no
Victor: do you not want it?
Nick.. oh go... no, of corse not.
Victor: bullshit!Victor then threw Nick on the bed. He flipped him onto his stomach. He used two
Ties to tie nicks hands to the head board. He used two more to tie Nicks legs
spread eagle style. He tied nicks ankles to the foot board. Then Victor laid
onto of Nick and started to insert his huge 10.5 thick horse cock into nick. He
Took his underwear and stuffed them into Nicks mouth.Victor gently went in at first. Once he was in he sat there for a minute, but
Then he pulled out and slammed back in. He kept doing that over and over until
he finally busted his nut up his sons virgin hole. Nick loved it. Victor untied
his son. Nick turned over and stuck his finger up his ass. he used littlest asian panty lolitas his father
Juice to lube up his cock as he jerked off right in front of Victor, his father.~~~
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